About this blog

The Linux Adventure evolved into a Daily Diatribe by a Pompous Git. Like other members of the notorious group known to the police as The DayNotes Gang, The Git discusses things computerish, philosophical, humorous and trivial. Here’s what ABC Radio’s Richard Aedy said:

Jonathan Sturm says he’s the most famous pompous git on the web. His blog is unusual in that, although chockablock with his opinions, it’s not overwhelmingly about him. Instead, his focus is on ideas. And what a range of interests he has – from Tasmania’s electoral system to food, from software to building a house of steel.

Richard Aedy: “Most weblogs are about the blogger, but not all. Jonathan Sturm who lives in the Huon Valley in Tasmania has one of the most eclectic blogs you’ll find.”

Jonathan Sturm: “That’s because my life is informed by a variety of interests. I mean some people are very monomaniacal, and I have a lot of sympathy for that, but my own particular life is more about living a life that interests me.

The old Blog posts can still be read here.

Reader Comments

“I really enjoy reading someone whose mind has a mind of its own!” — Ray Sutton

“Political incorrectness? You people are bigots! Tell me something. Do you think that God your father in heaven who your suppose to emulate is prejudice? Grow up!” — M.N.

“I have not had to reinstall windows since using ghost – but you know a better way? Oh, yes, change format and computer – use a Mac. Sounds like you hide from problems and viruses rather than facing them head on… I do open attachments, download software and visit all the places where viruses are found – I don’t let viruses restrict my freedom, I don’t hide under the bed, I do what I want.” — Professor Stinkjet


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