NBN Even More Final Comment

After several frustrating weeks of fraudband, The Git finally has real broadband. Download speeds on EscapeNet vary between 0.5 Mb/s and sometimes exceed 5 Mb/s, but never for very long. More worryingly, the speed fluctuates to such an extent that streaming video that worked passably on ADSL has been virtually unwatchable. However, several particpants in a thread at Whirlpool Forums suggested that The Git try another Internet service provider.

Internode (founded by Simon Hackett) have a monthly plan and The Git signed up for two months for the princely sum of $228.90, later amended to $198.90 after being told that was the original quote. Much to The Git’s relief, Internode connections are consistently higher than 11 Mb/s and streaming video has become watchable once more.

EscapeNet initially said they would charge an exit fee for termination of the 24 month contract, but have since had second thoughts. They claim that the erratic behaviour The Git has experienced is not due to a shortage of backhaul, and that the problem lies somewhere within NBN Co’s operations. The Git is assisting EscapeNet in persuading NBN Co that there is a problem; apparently it affects only EscapeNet’s Fixed Wireless clients and only a small number of them.

So there is a purpose to the extra Ethernet ports on the NBN Network Termination Device! Presumably, if Internode’s service goes pear-shaped, The Git will have the delight of being able to be connected even more than two different ISPs!


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