NBN Redux Part 2

When The Git chose his fixed wireless NBN plan, he (in consultation with SWMBO of course) decided to go without a landline line telephone service (actually a Voice Over IP service (VOIP)) via the ISP. A closer reading of what’s being offered is that our landline copper service is the only way to have a landline service with Fixed Wireless. Since the copper is to be disconnected in 2015 (as per the agreement between the previous ALP government and Telstra), this seems to imply that the only way to have a landline service after the disconnect date is to have an agreement with an ISP none of whom seem to provide a telephone only service. There is a connector on the router EscapeNet supply for VOIP and that also has four 1 Gb ethernet ports and 300 Mb WiFi, a slight overkill for those not needing Internet.

Why did we decide to eschew retaining a landline? Two ANZAC days ago, at approximately 5 am in the morning, an American telemarketer phoned. “Why,” The Git asked this idiot, “would I purchase anything from a criminal?”

“I’m not a criminal,” he responded.

“First, it’s before 9 am. Second it’s a weekend. Third it’s a public holiday. Fourth this number is on the do not call list. That’s four crimes so far.”

The idiot replied: “Australian law does not apply to US citizens!”

“Oh goodie,” replied The Git, “That means I can tell the next American I meet, as I murder him/her, that I have it on good authority he is not protected by Australian law!”

Going without stupid telemarketers will be no hardship. BiilG once wrote that he thought we should be able to charge unknown callers thus reducing their number. Such a facility is presumably not too difficult to implement now that telephony is firmly controlled by computers. Of course there would need to be a way to cancel the charge if one decided that the caller really did have something important to say. Sadly, very few voice calls are worth the time they consume these days.


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