NBN Update

Tasmanians are now enjoying the “benefits” of Labor’s NBN Plan. The NBN was rolled out here first and an important part of the plan was to disconnect everyone from the old copper network regardless of whether they had switched over to the NBN or not. While most of the mass disconnections are some months away, they have already started. One early adopter has said that they regret the decision; her NBN connection is far flakier than the copper network and often doesn’t work at all for days at a time.

The Lewincamps were disconnected a month ago. NBN Co say they can be interviewed about the possibility of becoming connected in January next year. People moving into areas with NBN access are being told that they must wait until December next year to be connected. And no, they cannot be connected to the copper network in the meantime; that’s illegal. The proffered solution is to use your mobile phone and wireless Internet at hugely greater cost than current copper solutions. That’s only going to work if there is decent mobile coverage. Several of those rural areas have patchy access to the mobile phone network at best.

[T]he Council on the Ageing says many elderly residents at Deloraine, Sorell, George Town, St Helens, Triabunna and Kingston Beach are not aware they need the NBN for a landline phone.

Sorell resident Marj Walker, who is in her 80s, is facing the prospect of losing her landline in six months.

Mrs Walker says she did not see a reason to connect to the NBN.

“All I need is a phone to keep in touch with family, I will never get a computer,” she said.

In the meantime, in a move that surprised The Git among others, Mal (The Builder) Turnbull has appointed three new directors to the NBN board. Surprising because all three have computer network/Internet delivery expertise. For example, Simon Hackett was instrumental in the deployment of AARNET as well as the founder of the very successful Internet Service Provider IINet. Predictably, the ALP has decried Mal the Builder’s decision claiming he’s just giving jobs to his mates.


One thought on “NBN Update

  1. I just drifted over from WUWT to see who the Pompous Git might be, but I appreciate this NBN series. Nice to know I’m buggered no matter who is in power in Canberra.

    PS – I envy your rural existence in Tassie, or I would if I didn’t hate the cold so much.

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