Problem Solved

Thanks to his friend Ray, a computer programmer, The Git now has his legitimate copy of FrontPage 2003. This is Good.

The responses from eBay/PayPal and Microsoft on the other hand are Not Good.

eBay/PayPal allow a purchaser to open a dispute. From the email sent by them in response to The Git’s email explaining the issue:

In  the  Resolution  Center  you  can:

*  Report  a  transaction  problem  and  communicate  directly  with  your  seller.

*  Respond  to  a  transaction  problem  and  communicate  with  your  buyer.

*  Resolve  an  account  limitation.

*  Report  unauthorized  account  activity.

*  Ask  us  to  investigate  a  transaction  problem

Unfortunately, this requires a Transaction ID and since The Git paid by credit card, he has no Transaction ID. Which is why he emailed eBay/PayPal. After The Git repeated himself, the message finally got through. The response now is “send us an email”. Duh! What does this idiot think I did?

Microsoft’s response started off well:

Dear Jonathan, Warm greetings from Microsoft Customer Service Australia and new [sic] Zealand.

but deteriorated. They suggest that I should have purchased the software from Microsoft, or one of their authorised resellers. This idiot doesn’t seem to know that neither Microsoft, nor any of their authorised resellers have the product for sale. Worse, at the head of the list of resellers is harvey Norman (aka Hardly Normal). Several years ago, The Git purchased a computer game from Hardly Normal for the Gitling. The software refused to install because it was labelled “For sale in the USA & Canada only”. The price sticker had been placed over this label so that it could not be read!

Upon returning to the store with the software, The Git was informed that all he had to do was change the computer’s Regional Settings to the USA, or Canada and all would be well. The Git told the sales idiot that all would not be well. Several of the Gitling’s applications were sensitive to Regional Settings changes (Excel for example). What The Git wanted was software for the Australian market, not greyware. The sales idiot responded that all of Hardly Normal’s software was greyware, putting paid to The Git buying anything from that store again. Microsoft, it seems, would prefer us to purchase greyware, rather than legitimate software.

Fortunately, eBay/Paypal eventually saw sense and The Git’s $60 was refunded.

“It’s turned out nice again!” — George Formby


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