A Bit of an Antediluvian

The Git doesn’t quite date from before the flood, but he is more than a little conservative in many ways. For example, his website (www.sturmsoft.com) is coded in HTML 4.0 Transitional, not HTML 5. There’s no XML, Flash, ASP, PHP etc. This means that almost any browser will render those pages in an entirely predictable/unpredictable [delete whichever is inapplicable] manner. But they will render in a useable way.

Just as The Git left off blogging, he had tried out MS FrontPage 2003 for creating his pages and liked it very much (with some caveats). The tabbed interface was the main attraction. The other aspect of all the Microsoft software The Git appreciates is that the dictionary is the Australian Macquarie Dictionary, not UK, or US dictionaries.

Of course FP 2003 is now considered old hat and Microsoft don’t sell it. Actually, The Git didn’t need the binaries, he already had the CD. What he needed was a Product Key. After a little searching The Git found a chap selling what he claimed was the download version, full product on eBay for the reasonable price of $US60. The Git paid his money and proceeded to download the software. The download was borked, but we won’t go there yet. Inspecting the setup.ini file displayed the Product Code string in the form XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX which is clearly incorrect. The leading and trailing parts have twice the number of digits as a valid code.

The Git contacted the vendor who told him that he had to run the setup.exe file he had modified to eliminate the need for the purchaser to manually enter the Product Code. As it happens, The Git’s DL had borked before the setup.exe file had dlownloaded. Two further attempts were also dismal failures. The Git had no intention of running the executable; he was curious as to what the payload in that file was. The vendor has refused to divulge the Product Code, so The Git has contacted eBay and Microsoft.

So why not use Expression? The Git hears you asking. Well he went to City Software, a Melbourne discount software seller he frequents from time to time, and discovered the following:

Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2010 – (Save $809.00 off RRP) — $8,721.00.

Yeah right. Like he really wants to blow that kind of bread.

So how about Corporate Software? “Search Results For: Expression Sorry, no data was found for those search terms.”

CorpSoft have Microsoft FrontPage 2002 + BONUS Publisher 2002 for $AU170, but The Git wants FP 2003, not 2002 and he loathes and detests all versions of Publisher he has ever been forced to use. It might be the case that Publisher 2002 is a fine product, but so is Adobe’s InDesign which The Git already owns.

And to add to the misery of this week (which hasn’t really been all bad), Peter Neilsen died. Peter was one of the nicest gentlemen The Git has ever been priveleged to befriend. Among his many achievements, he started one of Hobart’s first BBSs when The Git first started computing. He also managed to keep his legal wife and a de facto happy back in those dim dark days. The secret to the uccess of this arrangement, he claimed, was having the first wife choose the second. About a decade ago, his next door neighbour stabbed him several times, and he lost both a kidney and his spleen. After leaving the hospital, he moved interstate and I missed his company badly.


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