Out of the Blue

The Git did something foolish. After endless fiddle-faddling, he had moved all his old posts into a WordPress blog on his home website. Then he made it the default when you visited www.sturmsoft.com — this was a mistake. Replacing my old home page with the blog does not fit at all well into the new purpose for the website.. So the Git tried to revert things, somewhat unsuccessfully.

The Git carefully backed up the database and when he deleted the WordPress application, he was assured that the database backups would remain. They didn’t. So all that work and comments from readers vanished. Fortunately, with Google’s cache, the recent posts were retrieved. The old stuff can remain where it is.

Right now, the Git is frantically setting up a publishing company to publish his books. More on this later.

Many years ago, one of the Git’s favourite albums, “Out of the Blue” recorded by Mackenzie Theory was damaged at a party. It was far from a best seller, but it was cutting edge Prog Rock. Rob Mackenzie, Cleis Pearce and Paul Wheeler were friends; the Git cannot recall the name of the bass player. The inside cover photographs were taken by another friend, David Few.

A few days ago, Steve the Friendly Snail gave the Git the CD release of Out of the Blue. The music is just as good as when the Git used to frequent places like the TF Much Ballroom to hear them play 🙂


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