What’s Bin Did & What’s Bin Hid

So, “What’s been happening in The Git’s life?” you ask.

  • My mother died (old age)
  • My little brother died (cancer)
  • My best friend died (cancer)

The Git has been hospitalised for:

  • Cancer (cured)
  • Broken leg (cured)
  • A heart condition (tachycardia — controlled)
  • Acute bronchitis (cured)
  • Stroke (dunno what’s happening until November!) Story here.

The Git has retired! Yaaay! He still:

  • Gardens a bit
  • Eats and cooks gourmet food
  • Enjoys his glass, or three of wine
  • Reads a lot
  • Does computerish things
  • Thinks and philosophises

And he intends to post here semi-regularly again. Shifting all of the old posts into the WordPress CMS took some doing, there’s over 2,500 not counting the House of Steel, gardening book and other miscellany littered around this website. Right now, he’s changing the posting dates on each of those files to the original dates those blogs were written.

There’s a lot to write about :-)


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